Current Sensor ICs

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Power architects are continually asked to push the boundaries for system efficiency, response time, small size, and low cost in new power system designs.

Most modern designs require current sensors to help implement the complicated control, telemetry, and protection circuitry essential in meeting these difficult design goals.

Often, choosing the right current sensor plays key part in achieving these goals, especially when higher voltages, higher power levels and difficult ambient conditions come into play.

Aceinna’s new family of MCx1101 AMR current sensor ICs now provide design engineers with a compelling alternative for new system designs by offering benchmark performance for accuracy, high bandwidth with low phase delay and response time all integrated within an easy-to-use, cost effective, single component solution.

The MCx1101 is an ideal match for many challenging power applications including motor control, inverters, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), and industrial power systems as well as AC-DC and DC-DC power systems used in the telecom and high performance computing (HPC) markets.


5A 3.3V Current Sensor,Ratiometric Output


The MCR1101-5-3 is part of Aceinna’s new generation of fully integrated, isolated, current sensor ICs that provide industry benchmark performance for accuracy, bandwidth, and step response time.  With total error as low as 1.3% (typ), 3dB bandwidth of 1.5MHz with low phase delay, and <300ns transient response, the MCR1101-5-3 provides power designers with an ideal current sensing solution for the critical electronic circuits that provide control, protection, or telemetry in many of today’s demanding power conversion applications.  The MCR1101-5-3 has 4.8kV of isolation (supports working voltages up to 1097Vrm) and provides a ratiometric output with a 3.3V supply voltage.

Data Sheet
EVB User Guide
EVB Quick Start
Nominal Current +/- 5A
Accuracy 1.3% of Reading
Bandwidth 1.5MHz
Response Time 300ns
Supply Voltage 3.3V
Over Current Detection Time 200ns
Offset 20mA
Package Type SOIC16
Package Size 10 x 10mm
Features and Benefits
  • Total Error 1.3% of RD at 85°C (typ)
  • 1.5MHz Bandwidth at 3dB with low phase shift
  • Step Response time < 300ns
  • Low power consumption (6.5mA typ)
  • Low Resistance of Primary Current path (0.9mΩ)
  • Zero-current reference pin
  • Excellent accuracy and dynamic range over temperature
  • Gain dependent on supply voltage (ratiometric gain)
  • Fully integrated, single-chip solution
  • High isolation in SOIC16 package
    • 4.8kV isolation dielectric strength
    • 1097Vrms working voltage
    • 400V working voltage for reinforced isolation
  • AC-DC Power Systems (PFC)
  • DC-DC power conversion for server and telecom
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
  • Motor control, inverters and servo drives
  • Battery charging systems
  • Industrial power systems
Technical documents
Document TypeTitleSize(KB)Date
Data Sheet6020-1103-01_H Datasheet, MCR1101-xx-3, Current Sensor Ratio Metric 3.3V-20240625.pdf982Jul 3, 2024
EVB User GuideUser manual of Evaluation Kit .pdf665May 18, 2020
EVB Quick StartQuick Start Guide.pdf175May 18, 2020
Layout GuideLayout Guidance.pdf572May 18, 2020
Application NoteDesign Considerations of Digital Controlled Totem Pole PFC.pdf715Apr 20, 2020
White PaperCurrent Sensing Rises to the Challenges of Advanced Embedded Systems.pdf403Oct 8, 2019