ACEINNA is committed to the establishment and continuous improvement of best-in-class systems and processes aimed at satisfying our customers' evolving needs.

We embrace a Six Sigma/DMAIC quality philosophy with an emphasis on prevention rather than detection. We focus on technology, quality, reliability, service and costs in order to provide innovative solutions to our customers at the lowest total cost.

ACEINNA Quality Policy

ACEINNA provides a competitive advantage to its customers through timely, innovative, and defect-free products with outstanding service driven by a culture of systematic continuous improvement as measured by key metrics.

Product Discontinuance Notice

ACEINNA's Product Discontinuance Notice (PDN) policy is in compliance with JESD48A. Our PDN's provide a 6 month Last Time Buy (LTB) period and 12 month Last Time Ship (LTS) period from date of notification. PDN's will contain, at a minimum, the following information:

  • PDN number
  • Publication date
  • Last Time Buy date
  • Last Time Ship date
  • Reason for Discontinuance
  • ACEINNA models affected by the notice
  • Recommended Replacement Parts
  • Supporting information
  • Contact information

Certifications and Locations




ACEINNA Transducer Systems   ISO 9001
ACEINNA Transducer Systems 

 IATF 16949



As an industry leader, ACEINNA has demonstrated its quality leadership and strengthened its commitment to customer satisfaction through formal, third-party registration to ISO 9001 and is compliant to and persuing IATF 16949. ACEINNA has made quality the foundation of our system that provides support across all business processes, from various stages of the product life cycle to manufacturing operations and post-sales services.

What Certification Means

  • Partnering with a company that has made a commitment to quality
  • Doing business with an organization that has a recognized management system model
  • Assurance that necessary resources have been allocated
  • Consistent processes and products
  • A management team that has established clear business and quality objectives
  • Quality management systems and procedures that are continuously audited and improved 

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized Quality Management System standard that promotes customer satisfaction through continual improvement of the systems and their effectiveness. ISO 9001 provides a model for a Quality Management System which focuses on the effectiveness of the processes in a business to achieve desired results. The standard promotes the adoption of a process approach emphasizing the requirements, added value, process performance and effectiveness, and continual improvement through objective measurements.

IATF 16949

Jointly developed by International Automotive Task Force (IATF), IATF 16949 is the automotive industry international quality management system standard intended to answer the need for global consistency, continual improvement, and increased customer satisfaction.