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Current Sensors

ACEINNA is applying its leadership and expertise in Anisotropic Magneto Resistive (AMR) magnetic sensing to AC and DC current sensing. Devices feature bi-directional current sensing through a fully isolated low impedance current path. ACEINNA AMR based current sensors are easily scaled for small or large current ranges. ACEINNA improves on existing current sensing technology in the follow ways:

  1. Improved Over Temperature Accuracy ( <2% of measured value over operating temperature range )
    • Cloud Server-Farm Load Power Management
  2. Increased Dynamic Range and Resolution
    • Automotive Anti-Pinch Systems
    • IOT Appliance Monitoring
  3. Increased Bandwidth ( 1 MHz )
    • Motor Control Feedback Loops
    • Power Supply Dynamic Load Management
  4. Better Input Refered Bias Stability
    • Solar Inverter DC Injection into AC Line Monitoring


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Current Sensing
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