Testing & Validation Engineer

Job TitleTesting & Validation Engineer

Reports ToBusiness Unit VP

DepartmentResearch & Development


LocationAndover, MA

ACEINNA is looking for a hands-on Testing & Validation Engineer. The Testing & Validation Engineer will be responsible for testing, assembly, maintenance and other duties associated with this exciting role. Some examples of projects would include magnetic, flow and current sensors. The ideal candidate has the strong technical and analytical skills to be a part of a growing engineering team. This position has a lot of opportunity for growth with the right candidate.


  • Oversee prototype PCB assembly at local vendors and test first article samples
  • Assemble cables and prototype PCBA directly.
  • Maintain lab calibration, schedule, and ESD compliance.
  • Support characterization of new and existing products
  • Find and qualify alternate sources for connectors, passives, and ICs
  • Interface with Contract manufacturers in USA and China for component level tech support
  • Maintain quality records for lab equipment, sample builds. 
  • Manages lab, maintains lab and keeps lab organized
  • May require limited travel to Boston, and Wuxi China 


  • Electrical Engineering Degree
  • 3+ years of experience 
  • Must be able to debug PCBA assemblies with a combination of sensors, analog, and digital components
  • Certified in IPC Class 3 workmanship.  Must be proficient at Surface Mount. Assembly to include BGA     
  • Components and ultra-fine pitch discrete soldering
  • Proficient in lab view, C., and programing in C.
  • Must be able to safely operate machine tools
  • Must be able to read and update create schematics using CAD tool.  
  • Must have a good understanding of electronic circuits
  • Must have strong analytical skills and abilities
  • Must have a basic understanding of Physics and physics concepts such as Newton's laws of motion
  • Experience in high power applications is a plus
  • Fluency in Spoken and Written Mandarin Chinese a plu


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To apply directly please send your resume to careers@aceinna.com