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The ACEINNA OpenIMU300ZA is an easy-to-use high-performance 9-DOF open inertial platform. The OpenIMU300 features a precision 3-Axis Accelerometer, low-drift 3-Axis Rate Gyro, and 3-Axis Magnetometer. The low-power platform is powered by a 168MHz ARM M4 CPU with a Floating Point Unit. The OpenIMU300 runs the OpenIMU open-source stack that includes an optimized full-state Kalman Filter for Attitude and GPS-Aided Position-Velocity-Time (PVT) measurement. A free tool-chain based on VS Code supports PC, MAC, Ubuntu.

# of Axis 9
Produt Type Embedded
Footprint 24 x 27
Interface SPI / UART
Connector Style 1mm pitch header
Gyro Range 400
Gyro In-Run Stability 6
Gyro Non-Linearity 0.1
Gyro Bandwidth 5 - 50
Gyro Bias Over Temp 0.5
Gyro Angle Random Walk 0.3
Accel Range 8
Accel Bandwidth 5-50
Mag Field Range 4



  • Open Source Tool Chain
  • Custom Algorithms
  • 168MHz ARM M4 CPU 
  • Built in 16-State Open Source Extended State Kalman Filter 
  • Low-Drift 3 axis MEMS angular rate sensor 
  • High Performance 3 axis MEMS Accelerometer 
  • 3 axis magnetic sensor
  • SPI and UART interfaces
  • Up to 3 UARTs
  • Wide Temp Range, -40C to +85C
  • High Reliability
  • MTBF > 50k hours 
  • Open Community & Support 


  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Level 3+ ADAS
  • Robotics
  • Drones

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