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Flow and Differential Pressure Sensors

ACEINNA’s flow and differential pressure sensors are designed to serve the need for mass flow and pressure sensing in multiple applications such as gas meters, process control, HVAC, medical, chemical, food and beverage, etc. We offer two newly launched and announced product lines, the MFC2000 family of gas flow modules and the MDP200 differential pressure sensor.

ACEINNA's patented thermal sensing technology offers many advantages over traditional solutions, including but not limited to: large dynamic range, high accuracy, excellent low flow sensitivity, low pressure drop, very low power consumption, no moving parts for long term reliability, and integrated CMOS circuitry. 

The MFC2000 gas flow sensor family is a highly configurable, bi-directional flow platform that is being offered in several variations, including 30 and 70 SLM flow ranges, and mechanical configurations including straight inlet, manifold, and PCB mount. The product family is designed for a wide variety of applications, ranging from industrial applications to medical devices. 

The MDP200 differential pressure sensor is a highly accurate and stable pressure sensor, designed for industrial, HVAC, and medical applications. The sensor is offered in a +/- 500 Pa configuration with custom ranges available. The sensor is available in standard and manifold mount, with straight and angled connector pins.

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MEMS Flow and Pressure Modules

ACEINNA's flow and differential pressure sensors are highly customizable for different applications, flow / pressure ranges, and form factors.

  Part Number Type Range Accuracy Output Sleep Mode
Supply Voltage
[+] MFC2030 Flow +/- 30 SLM 3%MV (3 - 30 SLM) 0.3%FSR (< 3 SLM) Digital (I2C) or Analog (PWM) 0.05 2.7 - 5.5 + more
[+] MDP200 Pressure +/-500 Pa +/-3% m.v. I2C 0.001 2.7 - 5.5 + more

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