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ACEINNA offers a wide range of accelerometers modules with 1, 2, or 3 axes and various full scale ranges to address your acceleration measurement needs. There are modules that are powered by regulated 5 V input and versions that accept unregulated sources up to 36 V.

ACEINNA’s CXL GP series are for general purpose linear acceleration measurement applications. The GP series offer 1 or 3 measurement axis with full scale range versions of ±4, ±10 and ±25 g. 

ACEINNA’s CXL TG Series are for demanding low noise applications and offer 3 axes of ultra low noise density (20 ug/Hz1/2) measurements with a full scale range of ±2 g.

The MTLT series offer the best accuracy over temperature. Each device is measured over temperature and a multi-order temperature compensation algorithm is calculated and applied internal to the device to correct for sensor temperature dependent variation. The MTLT series have a RS-232 digital output and are powered from a 9 - 32 V unregulated supply. 

To see the range of ACEINNA accelerometer modules, view the selection tables below.

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