Since 1999, ACEINNA’s team (originally spun out of ADI) has pioneered unique and disruptive sensing technologies that create value for applications ranging from automobiles to aircraft, from rugged industrial equipment to consumer products. Across all the industries we serve, ACEINNA is committed to helping our customers improve the intelligence, capability, and value of their end products. We do this by leveraging our deep expertise in MEMS sensors, together with sophisticated calibration and packaging techniques, to deliver sensing solutions offering dramatic advancements in performance, size and cost.

  • We introduced accelerometers to the consumer mobile phone market in 2005, and shipped our one billionth sensor in 2016.

  • In 2008, our MEMS-based attitude and heading reference system (AHRS) became the first to earn Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification. Today, our inertial navigation systems are deployed in over 600 types of aircraft.

  • In the automotive and heavy equipment markets, where reliability is critical, we have consistently achieved field return rates of <10ppm, enabling OEMs to achieve greater uptime, while reducing their warranty risk and costs for repair or replacement.

  • Leveraging our expertise in MEMS sensors, ACEINNA’s inertial measurement units (IMUs) deliver greater processing power at < 1/100th the size and cost of a comparable module in 2007.

The same expertise that goes into every ACEINNA sensing solution is available for the life of the customer relationship. Just as we have the agility and proficiency to work with application engineers at the outset of a program, to quickly fabricate new hardware and software solutions, we also try our best to provide each customer the highest level of knowledge-based support and technical expertise in the field.

From concept to production and beyond, ACEINNA is your partner through all stages of the product life cycle.

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