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WSN Development Kits


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Wireless sensor hardware and modules, in conjunction with the MoteWorksTM TinyOS based software platform, are ideal for the classroom. Classroom kits allow students to easily develop and build prototype sensor networks individually or in groups.


Classroom kits allow students to easily develop and build prototype sensor networks individually or
in groups.

ACEINNA’s IRIS, MICAz and MICA2 motes are the hardware platform of choice for a large number of wireless sensor network research papers published globally, as well as large-scale testbed deployments.

The kit also provides access to in-depth teaching materials, based on ACEINNA’s world-renowned training program, which is proven with thousands of ACEINNA’s customers globally.

Description MICAz - 2.4GHz
Kit Type Class Room
  • Kit Contents
  • 10 Lab Stations Include:
  • 30 Processor/Radio Boards
  • 20 Sensor Boards
  • 10 Gateways
  • 10 Seats MoteWorks License
  • 1 Teaching Materials CD-ROM
  • Wireless Sensor Network Kit Designed Specifically for the Classroom or Teaching Lab
  • Hardware & Software for Fast Lab Setup and Application Development
  • Comprehensive Set of Teaching Materials
  • MoteWorksTM Sensor Network Software Platform Based on TinyOS
  • Reliable Networking Software for Self-healing, Self-forming Mesh Network (XMesh)
  • Windows Based User Interface (MoteView)
  • Easy Classroom Deployment
  • Low-cost Introduction to Next Generation Technology

The classroom kits are beneficial for the typical teaching lab or sensor class project, getting students up and running quickly and economically. Students will benefit from comprehensive hands-on training involving all aspects of both the hardware and software applications.

In addition to these standard kits, a variety of custom configurations are also available. Please contact ACEINNA for additional details.

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