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The CXTILT Series two-axis digital inclinometer module offers an outstanding combination of resolution, dynamic response and measurement accuracy. The integration of MEMS sensing elements and digital signal processing yields a system that requires no user calibration. Resolution and settling time are programmable, allowing the performance to be optimized for a variety of applications.  The CXTILT Series inclinometer measures the tilt angle (roll and pitch) of an object with respect to the horizontal axis in a static environment. These high performance sensors incorporate two micro-machined low-g accelerometers, one oriented along the X-axis and one along the Y-axis. The CXTILT Series inclinometer module is factory calibrated to achieve superior performance in demanding measurement applications over a wide temperature range.

Axes 2 (XY)
Range 75
Output RS-232
Sensitivity Selectable
Bandwidth Selectable
Resolution Selectable
Supply Voltage 8 to 30
Temp Range -40 to +85
Package Type Aluminum
Dimensions 10.2 x 5.7
  • High Performance Digital Inclinometer
  • Factory Calibrated Roll and Pitch Angle Outputs
  • RS-232 Serial Digital Interface
  • User Programmable Resolution and Settling Time
  • Rugged Aluminum Package
  • RoHS compliant
  • Platform Leveling
  • Mining Equipment Orientation
  • Construction Equipment Control
  • Precision Tilt Measurements
  • Lab Instrumentation

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