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The CRM-Series remote magnetometers are high performance 3-axis strapdown magnetic field measurement systems. They are designed as a local magnetic field reference for use with high performance Attitude & Heading Reference Systems. The remote magnetometers are easy to install, and they incorporate MEMS accelerometers to support automated co-alignment with the AHRS500CA, AHRS510CA or a third party AHRS. They provide an RS-422 serial digital data bus with a Baud rate of 38,400 and are configured to operate in an auto-send mode following power up. Output data is transferred in a compact binary format that includes 3-axis magnetic field data and built-in-test status.

Mag Field Range 0.65
Mag Field Accuracy 0.005
Output Format RS-422
Output Data Rate 50
Supply Voltage 9 to 32
Temp Range -55 to +70
  • 3-Axis Magnetic Field Sensor
  • High Resolution Flux Gate Sensors
  • Compatible with ACEINNA FAA Certified AHRS500CA and AHRS510CA
  • For use in DO-160E Wing or Tail Mount Environments
  • DO-178B Level B
  • Primary Flight Display Heading Reference
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control

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