Attitude Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)


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The AHRS510CA is a field proven high reliability MEMS Attitude & Heading Reference System that supports all of the standard ARINC 429 message labels. The AHRS510CA is designed for use in OEM and retrofit avionics systems upgrades, and for airborne antenna pointing systems. The AHRS510CA meets all standard avionics performance requirements as a stand-alone system when combined with ACEINNA’s CRM-series remote magnetometer.

For applications with more demanding performance requirements, the AHRS510CA provides the interfaces necessary to accept external velocity-aiding.

Product Type Standalone
Footprint 12 x 12
Interface ARINC 429
Connector Style DSub-15
Heading Accuracy 1
Roll/Pitch Accuracy 0.5
Gyro Range 200
In-Run Stability 10
Non-Linearity 1
Bandwidth 25
Accel Range 10
In-Run Stability 1
Non-Linearity 1
Sensor Bandwidth 25
  • Primary Flight Attitude and Heading
  • Standard ARINC 429 AHRS Messages (Label 320, 324, 325 etc.)
  • TSO C4c and TSO C6d Performance, DO-160E Environments
  • Optional Airdata External Aiding Input
  • Low Power < 10W
  • Comprehensive Built-in-Test
  • High Reliability MEMS Sensors
  • Supports ACEINNA CRM-series Remote Magnetometers
  • EFIS and Flight Management Systems
  • Airborne Antenna Control

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